Max Bain, Chicago Cubs

"As a senior at Northwood University, I was sitting 89-91 topping 92 on occasion. With the use of Driveline TRAQ programming and Dom's superior attention to detail, I began to improve my mobility and throwing mechanics using personalized throwing protocols. Less than 4 months later, my velocity climbed to 95-97 and topping 98 mph. This velocity jump allowed me to sign a contract with the Chicago Cubs."

Austin Frederick, Adrian College

Dave Zylka, University of Michigan- Dearborn

"The tools and environment PTV provides are unmatched at any facility in the area. I went from pulling down 81 to 92 in 11 months and earning a spot at UMD as well as nearly doubling my strength numbers and refining my pitching arsenal. I would not be playing college baseball without the guidance Dom and the team provided me. This place is truly special to me and the culture and friendships created here will continue to make PTV the leader for player development in Michigan."

Nick Brown, Mott Community College

Before I signed up for PTV in June 2019, I was throwing 80-83 out of the outfield. I have aspirations to play Division 1 baseball, so I knew I had to develop a stronger arm. Over the summer I gained over 8 mph working with the team on strength, mechanics, and mobility. I continued to train remotely with PTV during the Fall of 2019 and reached a new PR of 92 MPH from the outfield. I am extremely grateful for the time I have spent at Primetime and all they have done for my career. The atmosphere and competition among the college trainees at is unmatched, and I highly recommend joining in order to reach your potential."  

"Coming off of back surgery in December 2018, I spent the spring and summer between my freshman and sophomore year at PTV. After working with multiple different velocity programs it was clear PTV is the leader in development in Michigan. The trainers are willing to help out at any time of the day and truly want you to get better. I came in sitting 79-81 and by the end of the summer was 82-84 topping 85, as well as pulling down above 90 for the first time. PTV is definitely the best velocity program in the state."




Kent Madak - Lawrence Tech University

Austin Fredrick - Adrian College

Garrett Larner - Cleary University

Grant Smith - Northwood University 

Sam Assaf - Lansing C.C.

Damon Ellis - Cleary University

Scott Cavitt - Cornerstone University

Kevin Thompson - Cleary University

Daniel Bullard - Madonna University

Aric McAtee - Toledo University

Eero Perkola - Ohio Valley University

Cole Agemy - Marshall University

Seth Marano - Lansing C.C.

Ethan Strong - St. Clair C.C.

Zach Fruit - Eastern Michigan University

Mitchell White - Lansing C.C.

Devin Puckett - Jackson C.C.

Kameron Marnon - Lansing C.C.

Grant Jebbia - Davenport University

Mike Warner - Lane C.C.

Travis Klocek - Cleary University 

Beau Keathley - Oakland University 

Billy Blair - Davenport University

Caleb Smith - Davenport University

Colin Czajkowski - Wabach Valley Community College




Trey Nordmann - Evansville University

Aaron Ball - Tulane University

Luke McGuire - Eastern Michigan University

Nino Puckett - Oakland University

Nick Rutkowski - Oakland University

Nolan Knauf - Saginaw Valley State University

Austin Frederick- Adrian College 

Andrew Weiss- Kalamazoo College


Dave Zylka- University of Michigan- Dearborn

Anthony Zurke- Grand Valley State University 

Nick Brown- Mott Community College 

Gunnar Thompson- Schoolcraft College 

Robert Debastos- Macomb Community College


Keagan Titmuss- Ohio Christian University


Logan Benson- Mott Community College 

Jesse Burch - Indiana Tech

Damon Walton - Lansing Community College

Bryce Dunscombe - Adrian College

Owen Robinson - Olivet Nazarene University

Alex Joseph - Adrian College

Noah Megyesi - Lansing Community College

Kyle Winslow - Kellogg Community College

Hayden Mesh - Marshall University

Avery Mona - Central Michigan University

Aidan Arbaugh - Michigan State University

Garrett Kerr - Mott Community College

Mason Glennie - Northwood University

Jacob Turner - Bowling Green State University 

Brady Birchmeier - Bowling Green State University

Hunter Pidek - Oakland University

Riley McCauley- Chicago Cubs

Max Bain - Chicago Cubs

Nathan Witt - Tampa Bay Rays

Dazon Cole - Los Angeles Angels

Tyshaun Chapman - Kansas City Royals

Quincy Jones - USPBL




Jake Zeeb - St. Clair Community College

AJ Craven - Concordia University Ann Arbor

Skylar Mays - Owens Community College

Alex Joseph - Adrian College

JD Garman - Marshall University 

Hayden Mesh - Marshall University 

Garrett Kerr - Mott Community College

Ezra Giraud - Mott Community College

Brady Birchmeier - Bowling Green State University

Johnny Stepek - Madonna University

Connor Jaisle - St. Clair Community College

Noah Felder - Glenville State College

Tommy Damon - Cleary University

Trevor Crowder - Cornerstone University

Kosta Stavropoulos - Alma College

Hosea Nelson - Cleveland Indians





Mason McGuire - Mott Community College

Owen Carapelotti - Georgetown University

Sam Lisiak - Biola University

Nick Neibauer - Miami Ohio University

CJ Jackson - Lane College


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