We couldn't be more excited to announce the expansion of Prime Time Programs!!!


Prime Time Hitting and Prime Time Velocity will now be offered at "The Facility" in Holly, MI.  Building on the same protocols that our athletes are accustomed to, PTH and PTV HOLLY provides all participants with the education, equipment, technology and elite instruction that will take their skills to the next level.  Athletes will learn everything that goes into moving athletically, in sequence and how to maintain long-term health.  Look no further if you want to inflict maximum damage at the plate -- or be the guy no one wants to face on the mound. 

This 40,000 sq. ft. facility offers multiple distinct areas for training, including: 7 batting cages, 2 full sized field areas, strength & conditioning training and much more. 


As our goal is to stay at the forefront of velocity, pitching, hitting & fielding development -- we possess all the technological resources needed to provide athletes with the very best training programs possible.  The equipment we offer all our athletes, includes:

  • Stalker & LED

  • Multiple Pocket Radars

  • Screen Mirroring w/ TV's (Hitting & Pitching Analysis)

  • Pitching & Hitting Rapsodos

  • J-Band Wall

  • Weighted Med balls

  • Driveline Baseball Throwing Equipment (Plyo Balls, Wrist Weights, Trampoline, Weighted Baseballs, Differential Command Balls & MORE)

  • Driveline Baseball Hitting Equipment (Overload & Underload Bats, Short & Long Bats, Hitting Plyo Balls)

  • Core Velocity Belts

  • Blast Motion Swing Analyzer

  • Diamond Kinetics Balls


In addition to the top-of-the-line resources that we're able to offer athletes -- we're proud to say that all our instructors are Driveline Certified in one (or multiple) of the following areas of instruction: Foundations of Pitching, Pitch Design, Hitting & Youth Development.

If you're looking to take your game to the next level, and learn how the best of the best swing and throw -- The Facility is the place to be this off-season!

The Facility is located at 405 Cogshall St, Holly, MI 48442