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Remote Training


Remote training is an off-site development option offered to all athletes unable to train in-gym -- both in- and out-of-state -- at a reduced rate.  It allows athletes to take 100% ownership for his or her development -- and provides 24/7 access to their respective trainer.  All trainers can be reached via call, text or FaceTime -- in addition to actively communicating with athletes on Twitter and Instagram.  Whatever works best for you -- works best for us.

Doesn't matter if you're looking to do remote with PrimeTime Velocity, or PrimeTime Hitting -- it all starts with our trainers getting to know YOU.  Upon registration, each athlete is assigned a specific trainer who is responsible for programming training regimens and drill prescriptions, monitoring athlete engagement (how often athletes' are completing their programs), providing any cues or instruction for drill work -- and making appropriate adjustments when needed.​

After registration, we want to find out who you are, what your goals are and build the relationship.  Part of that process is all athletes fill out a questionnaire covering a wide range of topics and questions -- as well going through our assessment process to generate a baseline for physical performance.  If athletes can make it in-gym for the assessment, great!  If not, don't fret, one of our elite trainers is assigned specifically to you and leads you through our videoassessment series to examine current levels of mobility, strength and skill technique.  The data we collect fuels the design for your specialized programming.  From there, it's on you to make the most out of the process by frequently communicating with your trainer and providing the feedback they need to optimize your development.

Once we've got a good feel for where you are and where you want to go -- and you've got a good feel for us -- we design a highly individualized training program targeting areas for improvement specific to YOU.  Then, it's on you make it part of your daily routine, create a training environment optimal for you -- and GET AFTER IT!

It's important to note -- we use very specific equipment with all athletes training in-gym.  While we'd love for all remote athletes to have access to these tools (and highly recommend researching, learning more about and consider purchasing each piece of equipment), we neither expect nor require you to have them.  The following are just a few of the items we use on a daily basis:

Weighted Plyo Balls (Both PlyoCare and Hitting)

Resistance Bands

Shoulder Tubes

Sets of Dumbbells (and/or Kettlebells)

Ultimately, with remote training, we work WITH YOU to prescribe, modify and adjust a training program that targets areas of improvement, turns them into strengths and optimizes your performance in competition.


Focused on the development of efficient and effective movement patterns, proper sequencing and throwing velocity -- Prime Time Velocity offers FOUR available options for remote training:

  • 1-Month Programming
  • 3-Month Programming
  • 6-Month Membership

Learn more about the details for each by clicking Read More in the Prime Time Velocity section toward the bottom of this page.  Between here and there, you'll come across a couple of the Most Frequently Asked Questions.



  • Physical & Video Analysis:
  • Programing Prescriptions:
  • Athlete Ownership & Communication:


Our staff prides itself on working with the athlete.  It is YOUR development after all.



​Focused on the development of swing patterns and metrics -- Prime Time Hitting offers THREE available options for remote training:


To learn more about each available package, scroll down to the bottom of this page and select Read More under the Prime Time Hitting section. Along the way, check out a couple of the Most Frequently Asked Questions.


1. Registration - Once you register for one of the three options of remote training, one of our professional instructors (Nick Swanson or Aaron Wilson) will be in touch with you to introduce themselves and find out some more information about you. For example, How long have you played? What level? Are you more of a groundball, line-drive or flyball hitter? How did you bat last year? Do you have space at home to hit and do drills? 

2. Video - Once we build a rapport -- athletes send our staff a series of videos within 1-2 days for evaluation and analysis of swing mechanics.  Each athlete is different based on size, build and strength therefore this comes into factor when programming an athlete. The video should be about 4-5 swings and consist of a side view (2 swings) and a backward view (2 swings). This video can be emailed or texted to the instructor. We believe in providing great customer experience which is why we use Coaches Eye. Coaches Eye allows us to break down the swing analytically and keeps it easy on the instructor and athlete. Once the swing is analyzed, the video breakdown will be sent back to you within 24 hours. 

3. Programming - The next step is to begin programming. Instructors will be asked to find out what tools you have at home or where you do most of your hitting work. Each athlete will have an account signed up with Driveline in the TRAQ software which, allows athletes' to see daily what routine and drills they have for a select day. TRAQ also allows us to keep track of data, progress, drills, and videos during the course of training. Athletes will be asked to send videos 1-2x a week based on what membership they purchased. 

What makes PTH remote training different from other programs?

​We, at Prime Time Hitting, believe the athlete comes first. Remote Training can be difficult due to improper equipment, poor communication, non-specialized drills based on the athlete, ......etc. We are there to make sure you continue to improve and develop properly whether you have the space to do so or not. You do not need a tee, balls, field, technology or even a bat to see improvement in the swing. What you need is someone to want to develop and improve your swing just as much as you do. Don't believe us? Try it out yourself today.

How to Register

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